12 Baby Care Hacks for First-Time Moms

12 Baby Care Hacks for First-Time Moms

February 12, 2019 | By Shawnna Stiver | Category: Health, Infant, Lifestyle, Living

All those in favor of having an owner’s manual for babies, raise your hand. Since pretty much every new mom has thought this at least once, we thought it would be helpful to share tips, secrets and baby care hacks to elevate you to pro status in no time at all. If you’re looking for genius hacks that will help your life as a new parent become easier, you’re in luck. Here are 12 baby care hacks for first-time moms.

Medicine hack

Experienced parents might say that giving a baby medicine is one of the hardest things to do without having resistance. To make the job easier and less traumatic for baby, pierce a hole into an open-ended pacifier or use a bottle nipple that already has an existing hole. Then when your baby is happily sucking away, use your medicine dropper to administer the dose. Genius!

Bathing hack

Some babies hate the idea of being bathed. To make this event easier, try swaddle bathing with your baby. Wrap him in a blanket or swaddling cloth and slowly unwrap one limb at a time to wash and rinse. Continue with each limb until baby is clean.

Diaper rash hack

When baby has a diaper rash and needs the cream lathered on, try using a makeup brush to “paint” it on rather than your hands. It keeps your hands clean and free to fasten his diaper on and have the gooey cream stay where it belongs.

Peeing hack

If you’re a mom of a baby boy, you know the danger of having him pee on you. To prevent this from happening, swipe a wet wipe under his belly button right before you go to change his diaper. The cool wet wipe mimics fresh air and makes him pee before you take the diaper off.

Baby’s first shot hack

Right before your baby is due for shots, give her some sugar water, which is said to release natural pain-inducing chemicals in her brain. This can ease the pain she feels when the shot is administered and keeps you calm. To create the sugar water, mix two teaspoons of boiled water with one teaspoon of sugar.

White noise hack

White noise is a cure all for most babies. Try using a hair dryer when you’re attempting to squeeze in a shower. And at night, radio static works, as well as apps from the Apple or Google Play store. The white noise is magic when it comes to lulling babies to sleep.  

Laundry hack

This baby care hack for first-time moms is really clever. If you’re tired of losing baby socks every time you do the laundry, throw all of them into a lingerie bag so they don’t get lost from each other. Once you do this one once, you’ll never go back to any other way.

Heating pad hack

For some teeny tiny babies, the after-bath experience results in never-ending screams. For baby’s first bath, try warming up the bath towel with a heating pad to keep baby warm when making the transition from water to cool air. A heating pad can also be used to warm a crib mattress to help your baby go from sleeping on you to sleeping in his bed.

Diaper leak hack

Sometimes at night babies will end up leaking out of their diapers, which prompts many parents to invest in nighttime diapers. But buying a diaper one size up will also do the trick, and at a much lower price. You’ll use them eventually so this baby care hack for first-time moms is really a no brainer.

Stain remover hack

Need a homemade stain remover that saves time and money? Mix one part Dawn dishwashing detergent with two parts hydrogen peroxide for a stain remover that works on just about anything. Poop, puke, juice, pee: it removes them all!

Car seat hack

Does your arm get tired from carrying the baby in a heavy car seat in the crook of your arm. Take an old pool noodle and cut a chunk that can fit over the handle of the car seat to cushion your arm when you’re carrying baby.  

Scissors hack

When you need to cut up food for your baby, have a pair of scissors in your purse for quick and easy cutting on the go. It’s safer than carrying a knife and food scissors work like a charm. It’s one baby care hack you can’t live without.

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