15 Signs You’re Becoming Your Mother

15 Signs You’re Becoming Your Mother

May 1, 2019 | By Shawnna Stiver | Category: Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Living, Relationships, Toddler, Wellness

You swore it would never happen. You’d never do the same (annoying) things as your mother. And especially after you had kids, you’d defiantly claim to make your own mom rules and chart your individual path into motherhood. But then slowly but surely the transformation began. First it was the same phrases as she would mutter. Next thing you know, you’re clipping coupons and nagging your kiddos to throw on jackets whenever they’re outside. Here are 15 other signs you’re becoming your mother. (#sorrynotsorry)

You complain about being bloated, having backaches, needing more pots of coffee or being tired 24/7.

All of your pants are either yoga, sweats or the elastic band variety. Mom jeans, anyone?

You can cook everything in a CrockPot or the Instant Pot. And you’re really proud of your Tupperware container set. Yes, Tupperware still exists.

You can’t stand to see food go to waste. So you routinely bring home two bites of leftovers in a styrofoam container. It took the waiter more effort to box it up than it will for you to eat it.

You’ve actually frozen meals ahead. And you find joy in the weekly ritual. You count this as “meal planning” but it’s still something you inherited from your mother.

With every weird toddler behavior, even when it’s coloring all over the wall with a Sharpie, you say “it’s a good thing you’re so cute!”

You count to three every time you need to scold your child for not doing what you’ve asked. He won’t brush his teeth? “1-2…OMG don’t make me say 3!” It’s just like your mother.

You drive a minivan. You justify it by saying that “at least yours has remote-control door,” but let’s be real: it’s still a minivan that you swore you’d never own.

You love the PTA (gasp!) and you’re the first person to raise her hand about organizing a potluck dinner. You’ve become so good at them that you plan them for no reason.

Sometimes you toss out the old “because I gave birth to you” excuse, just because you can. Your mother would be proud.

You overshare details about your children. People don’t need to know about poops or the shape of their bum.

You have said “When I was your age…” more times than you’d like to admit.

You have thrown a coat over your pajamas and slippers to drop your kids off at school.

You check the locks repeatedly and have driven back across town to make sure your oven was turned off. Yep, you’re a little bit paranoid like dear old mom.

You sometimes make the same exact jokes as your mom. Gives new meaning to the term “dad jokes.”

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