31 Not So Spooky Halloween Activities for You and Bitsy

October 23, 2018 | By Amanda Anderson | Category: Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Living, Toddler

Boo to you, Bitsy!  Halloween is right around the corner, and ghosts and goblins are running amuck!  But Halloween doesn’t have to be scary — there are plenty of fun crafts and games that even the most timid of toddlers can enjoy!  We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to celebrate the holiday with our bitsies….we hope you enjoy!


1. Ghost Bowling



2. Halloween Spider Slime



3. Spider Races



4. Googly Eye Sensory Bag



5. Spooky Fog Drinks



6. Yarn Wrapped Mummies



7. Halloween Cootie Catchers



8. Craft Stick Spiderwebs



9. Bat Hats



10. Puffy Ghosts



11. “Ghost Blow” Straw Craft



12. Halloween Paper Rolls



13. Pinecone Bats



14. Lollipop Ghosts



15. Ghost Pom Pom Poppers



16. Halloween Play Dough Tray



17. Yarn Monsters



18. Aluminum Foil Spiders



19. Ghost Boo Bombs



20. Candy Corn Monster



21. Movable Spider



22. Wrapped Mummy No Carve Pumpkins



23. Paper Plate Spiders



24. Spoon Bats



25. Monster Pong



26. Ghost Ring Toss



27. Witch Pitch



28. Pop Goes the Pumpkin



29. Boo Loon Pop!



30.  Spiderweb Walking Game



31. Feed the Monster