Breast pumping hacks that make your life easier

5 Breast Pumping Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

June 26, 2019 | By Shawnna Stiver | Category: Food & Drink, Health, Infant, Living

Breast pumping can be an incredible thing for Moms (YAY for help so you can nap, shower, sip your warm beverage without heating it up…again). Did you know a lot of Moms out there favor breast pumping over breastfeeding? If you’re searching for ways to make your breast pumping efforts go off without a hitch, there are all sorts of tricks that can come in handy for you. Here are 5 breast pumping hacks can help make your life a lot easier.

Tip #1: Enhance Your Senses While You Pump

You can increase your breast milk in a big way by zeroing in on all of your senses. Seriously! Make a point to be in tune with your surroundings, look at a picture (or 5) of your little one, pump in their room or smell a piece of their clothing, and you can even record your little one’s noises (yes even the hungry cries) to help encourage letdown.

Tip #2: Have Multiple Sets

Backup pumping sets can come in handy for busy moms aka all moms. This will help you in-between cleanings and you’ll have back-up parts in case a valve or tubing breaks. Psst…don’t forget that your FSA funds cover breastfeeding needs and we’ve got your parts here.

Tip #3: Bring on the HEAT 

Heat can help you express more milk because the heat helps soften them to get the milk flowing. A heating pad works great or you can pack breast comfort pads like these in your pumping bag. Best parts: they fit perfectly around the breast, can fit in your nursing bra, and can even be used as a heat pad or ice pack (hello swollen boobies relief).

Tip #4: Psych yourself out!

This piggybacks off of Tip #1: using your senses. If you can see how much milk you’ve pumped, your brain is going to tell you that you’ve done enough and you’re done (even though your boobs can still feel full) because stress & worry can play a big role your milk output game. Try the Sock Hack by covering up the baby bottle you’re pumping into with a baby sock. Just slip a baby sock onto the bottle & pump away! This way you can’t see how much you’ve pumped…keep a little eye on it though because spilled milk is not fun.

Tip #5: Freeze Flat in a Wipes Container

This is one of those, “Oh man! Duh!” tips that 90% of us at Bump circulate to each other. There are a lot of breast milk storage containers that show your milk freezing standing up; this takes up a lot of space. Zip your filled bag up, lay flat, label, and then place in an empty wipes container in your fridge! The container takes up close to no space & keeps your milk bags separate from everything else. By laying them flat you can stockpile your breastmilk supply too (a lot of bags fit in the container).

Breast pumping can do a lot for mothers who are trying to attain day-to-day efficiency and hold onto some kind of brain power. Whether you stay home with your little one or go to work and pump, having a supply ready is so helpful.