Choosing the Right Pediatrician for Your Family

October 9, 2018 | By Amanda Anderson | Category: Health, Health, Infant, Physical Health, Toddler, Wellness

Whether you’re 8 months pregnant and already shopping, or are just looking for a change later in the game, the search for a good pediatrician is something every parent experiences!  Doctor shopping is hard enough when you’re older, but when looking for a doctor for your sweet babe, it takes an entirely different turn. How do you trust a stranger with your baby?  How do you decide if they’ll get along? How do you decide which pediatrician is the right pediatrician?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand to wave to find the perfect pediatrician…instead you just have to find the one that fits best with your Bitsy and family.  Take into account how you want to parent your child, the opinions and philosophies you hold, and your financial and insurance needs — once you’ve aligned these with a few doctors, you should be pretty close!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Pediatrician

Feeling stuck?  Here are a few things to ask or keep in mind when visiting pediatricians in your area!


Location.  This one might be a no-brainer, but make sure the pediatrician is easily accessible for you!  Getting Bitsy out of the house can be a task on it’s own, you don’t want to have to account for a long drive and bad traffic either.  The closer to home, the better.

Office Hours.  This is a big one, too, as it can greatly vary office to office.  Are you staying home with Bitsy? The hours likely won’t matter as much as a mom who works 40 hour work weeks!  Make sure the appointments won’t be too hard to juggle with your schedule.

Weekend Hours/After Hours.  This might seem like a weird one, but when an emergency or question arises, you’ll be glad you know the processes for weekends and after hours!  Will there be a small staff available? Will they outsource those calls to a clinic? Knowing what to expect can make those emergencies a little easier.

Scheduling.  How often will you be seeing the pediatrician?  What appointments or vaccinations will they require?  Balance this with what you want your child to experience, and make an informed decision on which policies fit your family best.  

Insurance.  This is a big one — make sure your perfect pediatrician takes your insurance!  Otherwise, you could end up with insane premiums or payments!

Opinions.  This is another big one in this day and age.  Make sure that you choose a pediatrician that fits the parenting style you plan to use.  The worst thing you can do is choose a doctor that has conflicting views — you’ll butt heads at every decision made for Bitsy.

Bedside Manner.  Do you like them?  Does your family connect with them?  Trust your gut on this one, Mama. Even if their certifications are great, listen to your intuition and walk away if it’s not a good personality fit.  

The Staff.  So you’ve found the pediatrician.  They meet all of the above requirements, and you’re ready to set the appointments!  But then you meet the rudest receptionist when setting up your schedule. The other staff at the office can be just as important — you won’t always deal with just the pediatrician.  Remember the nurses, lab workers, and receptionists will be taking care of you and Bitsy, too!


Once you find the right one, Mama, it’ll be smooth sailing from there!  Your pediatrician can be your safety net, source of comfort and resources, and guiding light during some seriously tough times, so spending the time to vet them is important.  They’ll be taking care of your sweet Bitsy, after all!