Exposing Little Ones to Technology

October 14, 2018 | By Amanda Anderson | Category: Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Living, Toddler

It’s no secret, we live in a society completely dominated by technology!  It’s hard to find anyone not permanently attached to a phone or other device…ourselves included!  But when raising tiny humans, it can bring up concerns on how much screen time is, well, too much?  Whether your little one is still an infant, or is a very curious toddler, any time is a great time to start considering your personal boundaries for your family, and how to limit the excessive exposure!  This is a personal decision for you to make for your family, but we’ve got some tips on how to get started!

Watch Your Own Habits

This one is key — as you already know, children mimic those around them.  Being aware of your own screen time and phone use will show your little ones the boundaries you want them to respect.  If they see you constantly on your phone, they’ll want to do the same!  But if they see you enjoying other activities and being present in social situations, they’ll see that as perfectly normal.

Don’t Forbid Technology

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but putting a “forbidden fruit” ideology on phones and other devices will only make them more enticing.  Think about anything you’ve ever been told you can’t have under any circumstances — we guarantee you wanted it more than ever!  Instead, focus on having healthy conversations in your household–decide together what seems like a good amount of time to spend in front of the screen, and what is definitely too much.  Letting them know there’s a balance will help dull their desire to spend time with technology!


Limit Screen Time from the Start

We get it — iPads and iPhones make parenting a lot easier!  The apps offer educational games, and it keeps those little hands busy so you can (finally!) get some things done around the house!  But setting boundaries early on will keep issues from developing later on.  Focus on an hour or two each day — you can still get things done, but they have to find other ways to stay busy or engage with family members outside of that hour or two!


Introduce Them to Other Activities

Make sure that you teach your Bitsy other ways to entertain themselves — read them books and build up a library for them, keep educational (and fun!) toys on hand, and encourage outside playtime always!  Showing them that there are a great deal of activities out there can help them naturally limit their own screentime!  Let’s be honest — we could all use a little more time outdoors!


The consequences (or benefits) of technology isn’t always a fun topic to consider, but can be an imperative part of parenting in our society!  We’ve all seen those on their phones while behind the wheel, the people that can’t hold a conversation over dinner, and those that might even run into you while walking because they don’t look up!  Teaching your little ones healthy technology use from an early age will establish better habits as they grow older!