Germiest Items for Kids to Be Around

Let’s face it: kids are gross. No matter how old they are, they are always touching something sticky, squishing something in their hands, and rubbing their grubby little hands all over something that you definitely just cleaned. But germs are on more than just your child’s hands. As a matter of fact, you’d probably be surprised by which unexpected objects have the most germs out of anything else in your house. As you work through spring cleaning, pay attention to these items the most. Here are the germiest items for your kids to be around.

TV Remotes

Television remotes provide homes to some of the highest germ populations on anything else in your house. We touch remotes more than we touch doorknobs on some days, and they hold so much bacteria from our hands. Think about everything we touch – our faces, food, pets, messes, all of that is then transferred to the TV remotes, and we frequently forget to clean them when we clean off everything around them.


Something else that is commonly not thought about are strollers. Strollers are a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause illnesses like pink eye and strep throat. It’s important to continuously clean strollers to keep these bacteria at bay. Think about all the places your stroller goes: around in the streets, malls, potentially the trunk of the car or the garage, around all the pets, and other kids. It only makes sense that strollers are one of the germiest items for kids to be around.


A lot of parents will hand their smartphones/tablets off to their kids to help keep them busy, but these are also covered in a ton of germs. From our pockets, to our faces, to our purses, phones come in contact with a variety of bacteria. If back in the day moms used to wipe the house phone with a clorox wipe, why don’t we do the same to our smartphones? The phones aren’t quite smart enough to ward off germs, so the next time you think about it, consider cleaning your smartphone or tablet.

Pacifiers and sippy cups

As sometimes scary as it is to think about, pacifiers and sippy cups are actually some of the items that carry the most germs that your kids can be around. Some studies have found an increase in e.coli and other bacteria. The next time your child drops their pacifier on the ground, think twice before just wiping it off on your pants. We can’t see how many germs are on an item with our naked eyes!

Plush toys/stuffed animals

Gasp! Are you surprised to learn that plush toys/stuffed animals are the MOST germy item for kids to be around? Plush toys are even more germy than the bathroom floor! Think about all the places that plush toys are drug around – probably just about everywhere, especially if it’s a safety/comfort item for your child. As much as it might upset them sometimes, make sure to regularly throw plush toys in the wash to help get rid of some of the bacteria that follows them around.

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