How to Save on All Those Baby Costs

November 6, 2018 | By Amanda Anderson | Category: Infant, Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Living, Toddler

Babies are sweet, snuggly, cute, and….expensive.  Between diapers, food, doctor’s visits, and clothing, it can feel like it’s just one thing after another on your wallet!  And while your little one will always be worth tightening your belt for, it might be nice if you could pinch a few pennies and save on the costs.  With a little extra work and some planning, you can save thousands a year! We’ve got some of our top tips for saving baby costs!


This one might be a no-brainer, and can be a pretty easy way to save on a very big baby cost — formula.  It’s a wonderful thing that our bodies can provide for our little ones, so if you have the ability, make sure you feed, pump, and put it to good use, Mama!


Make your own baby food.

Eventually you’ll want to wean your little one off of breastfeeding.  When that time comes, stick to making baby food at home! You can use a juicer, food processor, or blender to take organic ingredients and puree them into a jar of delicious baby food!  Bonus: it’s healthier for your little one than storebought!


Use cloth diapers.

There’s always a debate between cloth vs. disposable diapers, but using cloth allows you to reuse the same diapers instead of constantly running to the store for another box of disposable!  Diapers can be a huge cost for parents, so adding a little more work to your laundry load can save actual hundreds.


Stick to gently used items.

If you have siblings or friends with children older than yours, ask if you can borrow their gently used items for your little one!  You can save big on clothing, gadgets, chairs, and more by doing this, and many times, your family and friends will be glad their items are being put to good use!


Use. Coupons.

We cannot stress this enough, parents!  With all the apps, websites, and extensions for browsers, coupon codes are plentiful and a click away!  Work to find coupons for everything you need to purchase — you can save big on all your needs for Bitsy!  


Adding a few extra steps to your normal routine or reaching out to others can go a long way in helping you cut back on some of the costs associated with raising a child.  And remember to keep all these in mind for Baby #2 as well!