Maintaining a Kid’s Sleep Cycle During Vacation

It’s summertime and families everywhere are excited to be packing up and getting ready for vacation. It’s been way too long since you’ve had a break from work and the routine of life, and nothing sounds better than a vacation does right now. Breaking away from the mundane routine of your daily activities is great, but one routine you really don’t want to break away from is your child’s sleep cycle. Children get trained to sleep when it’s time to sleep and really benefit from having a routine so it’s important that even on vacation you learn how to keep your children’s sleeping cycles in tact so that it doesn’t disrupt their precious sleep. Maintaining your kid’s sleep cycles during vacation may be as easy as planning ahead for the travel, bringing a portable crib, creating a safe sleeping space and paying attention to cues. Here goes nothing!

Before You Go

One of the first things you need to do when attempting to maintain your child’s sleep cycle on vacation is to plan ahead for traveling with a toddler. Whether you are driving yourself or taking an airplane, be prepared for them to rest in the car or plane so that they are not awake simply because they are not comfortable. Bring a pillow or a small neck rest if you’re on an airplane and choose flight times that coincide with your child’s sleeping routine to make things easier and get a good start to your vacation.

Bring a Portable Crib

Another way to ensure you are maintaining your kid’s sleep cycle while on vacation is to bring a portable crib with you. Some kids simply cannot sleep in a foreign place because they are so young and just got used to sleeping in their own bed. That’s why if you bring a portable crib with you or at least one that resembles what they are used to sleeping in, they will feel more at home and therefore able to fall asleep at the appropriate time.

Create a Safe Sleeping Place

Kids and sleeping is a tough balance to keep while on vacation but if you are able to create a safe and comfortable sleeping area for them they’re far more likely to be able to fall asleep. Keeping that sleeping routine will come down to how comfortable the child is and how safe they feel. Kids get easily frightened at night when it’s dark and being in a strange place adds to that disruption of sleep. As the parent, figure out how and what you need to do in order to make your child feel safe and sound while they slumber.

Pay Attention to the Cues

Finally, if you’re trying to maintain your kid’s sleep cycle you need to be able to read the cues. Children have a way of telling you what they want and when they want it simply by giving cues. Whether it be a cry, a fuss or just a temper tantrum from a toddler, you need to always be paying attention to your child and able to read the cues he/she gives you. That way you know for sure if your child is tired or not. If you suspect tiredness earlier than usual it’s important to put your child to bed and let him rest so that he doesn’t get overtired and then can’t sleep at all.

Kids and sleeping is a very tricky balance but once perfected it’s a life saver for both you and them. Tired kids aren’t happy kids and you want to be able to have fun and enjoy your vacation, fuss-free!

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