Making Mama Friends

Let’s face it, ladies, making friends can be hard.  And can be even harder when you add your bitsies into the mix!  While you may spend most of your time near other moms (at the park, at daycare, at baby showers, etc), it’s likely that you barely know them!  And even worse, they can seem intimidating. What if they have it all together? What if they don’t forget to turn their kid’s shirt right-side-out before dropping them off at daycare?  What if, what if, what if? Spoiler alert, Mama: we’re all winging it.  

So before you shamefully avoid eye contact because you spilled your coffee on your shirt on the way to the park, remember that the mama next to you has done the very same thing.  It’s time to get out there and make those mama-friends!

Where to Find Them

Where do you find the elusive friends?  Everywhere!  Wherever you have to run errands, and pick up kids, and grab groceries is where all of the other mamas near you are running their errands and picking up their kids.  We told you this would be easier than you thought!

Mommy & Me classes.  These are a great place to meet friends — you’ll all be learning how to navigate motherhood, your bitsies will be getting some social time, and you’ll be surrounded by mamas that need friendships, too!

Postpartum fitness classes.  Everyone needs a workout buddy, and what better place than when you’re both trying to get back into the swing of things after your Bitsy has arrived!   You can bond over sleep schedules (or lack thereof!), labor experiences, and more!

Online groups.  Try an app like Hello Mamas to directly connect with mamas in your area that have little ones the same age as yours!  It’s also a great way to find activities with those mamas nearby!

Your neighborhood.  We’re serious!  Take Bitsy on a walk around the neighborhood, and you’d be surprised how many mamas are right in your backyard!

The park.  You’ll be sitting elbow-to-elbow on that bench watching your bitsies play together, and can bond when one of them starts to inevitably eat sand…or dirt.  

At daycare.  Picking your kids up at daycare is the perfect place to make friends!  Strike up a conversation the next time you’re waiting around for your Bitsy and all of their things to get ready to go!


How to Build Friendships

Embrace the awkward.  Starting a conversation with a “stranger” doesn’t always feel natural–and that’s okay!  Understand that sometimes it might feel a little awkward…it gets easier!

Don’t judge.  The mom-shaming is real, Mama!  When you might other moms around you, keep an open mind — we all parent a little differently!  

Be available.  While it may seem the opposite of what society always tells us, being available and open to opportunities and hang-outs goes a long way in making new friends!  If Amy from the park wants to grab a coffee, try to fit her in as much as possible!

Enjoy!  Remember, making friends can be fun!  Enjoy the process of meeting new mamas, trying new things, and enjoying new groups!  


Group chat, here you come!  Before long, you’ll have your own circle of mama friends to bounce ideas off of, vent about rough #momlife days to, and enjoy a cocktail with!