Newborn Moments You’ll Miss

Newborn Moments You’ll Miss

June 25, 2019 | By Shawnna Stiver | Category: Infant, Lifestyle

With how fast little ones grow, there are sure to be many newborn moments that you will miss. From teething, the teeny tiny newborn clothes to the first time you get a whiff of your baby’s sweet smell, there are moments that stick out tas ones moms will miss the most. Enjoy this walk down memory lane if you’ve already been here, and if you haven’t, hold on to these moments because they’ll be over before you can blink. Here are the newborn moments you’ll miss when they’re done and over with.


No parent can forget the irritability and crying that comes along with teething. You will miss, however, the sight of that first beautiful tooth shining in your little ones mouth. Or the over-the-top adorable that is TWO teeth on the bottom. The dramatic change it will create on your little ones face as they grin, will forever etch itself into your mind and heart.

Picking out newborn clothes

Picking out the clothes that your little guy or girl will wear rates high on the fun scale for most parents. So it’s no wonder that it’s one of the first activities that parents really miss doing once you no longer have to do it. Consider keeping some of those clothes and having them made into a baby blanket; it’s a way you can keep some of those memories in tact.

Baby’s sweet smell

Your baby has a unique smell that is unlike anything you’ll ever experience. Not to mention the smells of the baby wash, the lotions, and the baby detergent are all the sweetest smells in the world. Just one whiff of a similar smell can send you soaring down memory lane back to those precious newborn moments. It’s a smell that no other smell can compare to and it never fails to make one’s heart swell.

All those baby milestones

We rush and rush our babies to hurry up and hit certain milestones just so we know that they are developing normally. Once they do hit them though parents are left with a longing because they know that they’ll never get that moment again. Sure, they can be written down in baby books but it just doesn’t compare to seeing it happen first hand. Baby’s first steps, baby’s first word, these are some of the fondest memories you’re sure to have and sure to miss most.

Staying up all night 

When you’re experiencing all-nighters, all you want to do is sleep. Silently begging your little one for some shut eye as they stare at you and giggle. Hold on to those moments because they fly by way quicker than you could imagine. Instead of getting agitated just look at your little one’s face and study all those precious expressions. Etch them in your memory because you will most definitely miss them.

Not wanting to leave mama’s side

This is probably the hardest moment to let go. Having your baby by your side 24/7 and having your little one actually wanting to be there. Take the time to really soak in these moments because they do not last. Actually spend time making memories, not just ‘being there.’ Absorb all that attention because you are going to need those memories when they become teenagers!

There are many moments that will tug at your heart when your little one is a newborn. Just hold tight to the memories for they are all you will eventually have. They are also the most precious memories you could possibly possess.