Parenting a Strong Willed Child

October 28, 2018 | By Amanda Anderson | Category: Lifestyle, Toddler

Does your Bitsy put up a fight about everything? Do they get frustrated when they can’t immediately figure something out or complete a task? Do you have trouble understanding why the latest tantrum started?  Mamas, you might be dealing with a strong willed child.

Yes, this is a real concept, and no, it’s not a bad thing!  Parenting a strong willed child can definitely add its own set of challenges, but you’ll come out on the other side with a self-possessed, strong, independent, and resilient child!  The first step is acknowledging that this means your parenting tactics will be a little different, the second step is embracing your child and their strong will, and the rest of the steps?  We’ve got a few ideas!

How to Handle Your Strong Willed Toddler

Learning the best tactics to use with them is the best way to give you an advantage on parenting them!  Try some of the below strategies — you might be surprised how things change at home!


Set routines.  Like a lot of other personality types, strong willed children do much better in a set routine or schedule.  Try to give them a general idea of what their day will be like each day — knowing how bedtime goes and when to expect it, as well as mealtimes can make all the difference.  Children with strong wills don’t take well to chaos or upset in their expectations.


Give options.  Instead of just telling your toddler what to do, try giving them options!  Let them choose if they want to put their shoes on, or if they want you to do it.  Giving them options lets them feel like they’re in control — just try to stick to 2 or 3 options to avoid overwhelming them.


Offer independent play.  Any time you can let them feel independent, do it!  A strong willed child is very aware of what they can do, and they want to be the ones to do it.  Try supervising from afar, teaching them a new skill, and so on.


Pick your battles.  Other children may not put up a fight about every small thing, but if your strong willed one does, start looking at the battles and decide which ones you actually want to engage in.  You may learn that your way doesn’t have to happen in certain scenarios.  There will always be a time when Bitsy has to do it your way, so wait until then to pick a fight, Mama.


Change your ideas of parenting.  Of course, this isn’t to say that you need to revolve your life and general ways around your child, but reinventing the wheel a little can make things seem a little easier!  View their stubbornness and strong will as a positive, and the change will come all on it’s own. You’ve got this!


Remember, mamas, there’s no right or wrong way to parent — only your way for your baby!  Keep going, you’re crushing it!