Traveling with Toddlers: Tips and Tricks

If we say the words, “traveling with toddlers”, do you instantly cringe or shudder?  Let’s face it, mamas, hitting the road with a Bitsy or two gets a bad rap–horror stories of meltdowns, bad diaper accidents, and general upset abound.  But with summer vacations, holidays, and faraway family members, traveling with toddlers in tow can be inevitable. But we want to let you in on a secret:  with some extra planning, packing, and foresight, you can have a great trip, bitsies and all!


This is the biggest piece of advice we can give you, Mama!  Making sure to plan ahead when taking a trip with your little one will save you so much time, frustration, and money!

Choose family friendly hotels.  And not just the ones that serve mac n’ cheese at the restaurant.  Shoot for the hotels that offer kiddie pools, family accommodations, etc.  When you arrive, you’ll be greeted warmly and be joined by many other families with little ones!

Talk about it ahead of time.  Giving your little one(s) plenty of heads up and information up front will get them mentally prepared for the trip and avoid last minute meltdowns!  Tell them where you’ll be going, all the fun activities you’ll do once you get there, and even how you’ll be traveling! If your little one expects a car ride and has to go through the ins and outs of an airport, you could be in trouble!

Try to travel overnight.  Whether driving or flying, do yourself a favor and try to plan the bulk of your travel during an overnight stretch — that way Bitsy can snooze and you can enjoy the quiet time!



Packing a few extra necessities and life-savers will make your trip go SO much smoother, Mama!

Sanitizing wipes.  We can’t stress this one enough — traveling can be gross.  And if there’s dirt or grime to be found, toddlers will love it!  Having wipes on hand will give you some serious peace of mind.

Extra outfits.  We probably don’t even have to explain this one, but pack at least one extra outfit each day.  Sure, you’ll miss the extra luggage space, but you’ll be so glad you gave it up when accidents happen!

Charged iPads.  Load up the tablets with their favorite movies and make sure they’re fully charged!  The tech will keep little ones busy and make the time fly by for them!

Snacks.  This one might not just be for the little ones!  Avoid meltdowns and tantrums by keeping everyone’s tummy full between meals.

Favorite toys and white noise machines.  Make hotels, cars, and planes feel a little more like home with favorite stuffed animals, toys, and even white noise machines to soothe them sleep.  They’ll love having the familiarity with them while they’re away!



The advice doesn’t end there, Mama!  Once you’re on the road or on location, keep these top tips in mind to keep little ones happy and occupied.

Talk about what you see.  On the road or in the air, keeping your Bitsy’s mind active by pointing out all of the sights is key!  They’ll love learning the differences between home and away.

Stay zen.  You know what winds up a toddler?  A visibly frazzled parent! No matter how stressful it may seem, staying calm around your little one will be an active reminder that they should be calm and feel okay.

Try to stick to usual routines.  This can be impossible when on the road, but the closer you can stick to lunch, dinner, and bedtime routines, the better!  Your toddler will feel much more normal with his usual schedule.

Have fun!  Our biggest bit of advice is to just let go a little and have a little fun!  Vacations make great memories for your little family, and Bitsy will remember them fondly as they get older!


No more cringing or shuddering when travel and kids is brought up, Mama!  You’ll be avoiding problems and tantrums like a pro — and having a great time with your Bitsy!