10 Surprising Ways to Save on Baby Stuff

10 Surprising Ways to Save on Baby Stuff

March 1, 2019 | By Shawnna Stiver | Category: Infant, Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Living, Products, Toddler

Newsflash that is not really “news” to parents who just had a baby: raising children is expensive! And while there are certainly a lot of items you need for an infant, your new little bundle doesn’t have to cost a bundle. Experts say that kids don’t need to be as expensive as you think they do, especially during the first year. There are budget-friendly things you can do to keep costs down and cut back on how much you’re spending in the long run. Here are 10 surprising ways to save on baby stuff.

Problem: You need clothes for both boys and girls

The solution: Buy gender-neutral clothes instead of boy-specific or girl-specific. If you’re planning to have baby #2, this saves you some money you’d ordinarily spend on new clothes. Gray and yellow are still hot colors for baby clothes and the hand-me-downs work perfectly with a second baby.

Problem: Full sets of bottles can be pricey

The solution: Skip the full set of bottles until you know which one is your baby’s favorite. The thing about newborns is you’d be surprised at how picky babies are initially to the bottle of their choice. There’s no sense in buying in bulk when you may not use all of them.

Problem: You think the baby will need clothes for every size

The solution: Hold off on buying clothes for every size. Your baby’s growth is very hard to predict, especially during the first year when babies double their weight in size. As your baby grows, she could skip straight through 2T and you don’t want to miss a window for returning clothes.

Problem: There’s SO MUCH gear out there to wade through

The solution: Choose gear that grows as they do. A lot of different baby gear can pull double duty. The first must-do is to choose a crib that can convert into a toddler bed. When you’re shopping for gear, ask about the best 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 options for strollers, high chairs, and more. We love these baby care hacks that give us ways to save on baby stuff.

Problem: You don’t know which formula your baby will like

The solution: If you aren’t planning to breastfeed your baby, the cost of formula can be quite a shock. Before you leave the hospital, ask for as many free formula samples as they will hand out. You can also ask for samples of everything from formula to eczema cream at your pediatrician’s office.

Problem: You overspend shopping online

The solution: Online shopping is here to stay for one major reason: convenience. And retailers know that that gets you through their virtual “doors.” But when a retailer offers free shipping for spending a certain dollar amount, or advertises deals that are “too good to pass up,” you may end up spending a great deal of money on things you have a perceived need for, but aren’t truly a necessity.

Problem: Entertaining toddlers is expensive

The solution: Check out what your library offers for free. Often times there are a ton of free or inexpensive activities that your local library. They might even have coupons or deals at area attractions so you can save some dough.

Problem: Pit stops can be budget-blowing

The solution: You’re far from home and your baby has a blowout, you’ve run through your spare diapers in the diaper bag and have to make a pricey pit stop. In this scenario, don’t blow the budget too! Keep an emergency stash of diapers, wipes and clothes in your car so that if you run out, or forget your diaper bag (it happens!) your baby will be covered (literally).

Problem: You buy a big-ticket item and then it goes on sale

The solution: Wait to make big purchases until the end of the month. Often times sales people (and retailers in general) need to meet sales goals and it’s more likely you can score a better deal by holding off. As another option, see if they can throw in any freebies or would apply an extra coupon. If you don’t ask, you won’t know!

Problem: Baby-specific toiletries add up over time

The solution: Consider this: some baby-specific bath products can cost more than adults! To save money, try swapping your own bath time products for scent-free and gentle ingredients so that you can use them for yourself AND baby.

Babies don’t have to be more expensive. By adjusting your process and looking at your spending habits, you can incorporate budget-friendly buys to keep overall costs low. Sticking to your bare minimums can free up costs for the things you really need. And don’t worry, college is still around 18 years away so there’s plenty of time to save!

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