Nursery Organization Tips, Marie Kondo-Style

Nursery Organization Tips, Marie Kondo-Style

March 6, 2019 | By Shawnna Stiver | Category: Home, Infant, Living, Spaces, Spaces, Toddler

Does this spark joy? By now, you may be familiar with the organization trend currently sweeping the nation. It’s the KonMari Method by Marie Kondo and safe to say people are obsessed with this idea. If you’ve never heard of Marie and her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, here’s the gist: declutter everything by category and only keep items that “spark joy” for you. If you’re currently thinking that decluttering with children is impossible, Kondo would beg to differ. In fact, new parents hoarding a bunch of “baby stuff” are actually the ones who need the magic the most! So here are nursery organization tips any new mom can use, delivered Marie Kondo-style.

How to declutter using Marie Kondo’s tips

When kids are in the picture, it may feel like there’s no possible way to clutter with all the things you accumulate as a parent: toys, art projects, toys, clothes, etc. But as a minimalist mom herself, Kondo knows what it takes to declutter. Rather than choose an arbitrary room to start with, there’s an actual method to her decluttering madness. The KonMari Method urges moms to tidy all at once and in the right order. Always start with clothes followed by books, documents, miscellaneous and then sentimental items. Rather than focus on what to get rid of, you should focus on what to keep and choose according to whether the item sparks joy in you. If it doesn’t, it should go in the “throw” pile.

Have your kids help with tidying your home

Of course it would be faster for you to do the tidying for your toddler, but the act of tidying up is a new discipline you can teach your kids. Start the good habits now in the beginning and they’ll carry those habits through to when they get older. If your toddler makes a mess, have him help clean it up. And get him involved with sorting or gathering belongings. Once your kids get older, they can help choose the items that spark joy. Keep in mind, kids or not the KonMari method that Marie Kondo teaches is not an overnight fix. It takes time and patience to weed through your things. But once you do it, she promises it should only have to be done once!

Make sure everything in the nursery has a home

When you are a parent to a toddler you know that it’s normal to have toys spill over into the other living areas. But Kondo advises the concept that everything should have a “home” and that starts even in the baby’s room. Each member of the family has their own designated space and can choose how to store everything within it. Keep the baby’s toys, books and clothes contained within the nursery only. The same goes for your toddler’s belongings.

Folding baby clothes using the KonMari method

Once you’ve gone through the baby clothes, it’s time to fold them with the signature KonMari folding style of course! With onesies, fold in the sleeves first so the sides are even. Next fold the bottom snap up enough to create an even fold line. Continue folding the rest of the garment up by thirds. With sleepers, fold in the sleeves first and then follow with the legs bringing them almost up to the shoulders. Then fold the rest up in thirds. Once you have the items folded, they will resemble a rectangle and then you’re going to “file” them in the drawers creating vertical rows so you can see everything at a glance.  

Use boxes to store away smaller baby clothes

The filing system sometimes doesn’t work with baby clothes because they are so small. If that’s the case, Kondo recommends using boxes to file the baby clothes. The boxes will work to keep the clothes upright, everything stays organized and according to Kondo, the storage boxes themselves “bring joy.” She says colorful boxes can brighten a room and life your mood even if they’re tucked away in drawers.   

If you are currently overrun by babies and toddlers, the KonMari method may be too much for the hot mess express that is your life. So don’t force it, as it could have a negative impact on the magic of tidying up. But know that Marie Kondo’s tips are there when you’re ready.

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